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At the core of every mission, it’s the people who matter most. We deeply appreciate the strength of each team member, recognizing that our shared experiences drive our work with authenticity and purpose.

Doug Baldwin Jr.

Chief Executive Officer
“Investing in the possibilities.”

Kimi Lee King

Chief Operating Officer
“Have fun and get things done.”

Jaymee Espinueva

Jaymee Espinueva

Chief Marketing Officer
“In serving others, we too are uplifted."

Catrena Lam-Quach

Special Projects Manager
“Guiding with passion and grace.”

Danny Nunes

Asset Strategy Advisor
“Aspiring for the best in people, properties & communities.”

Harriet Slater

Project Coordinator
“Inspire through your actions.”

Michele Clarke-Mason

Michele Clarke-Mason

Team Care Coordinator
“There is always room at the dinner table for one more.”