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Connect, Understand, Elevate

TapIn is your bridge to stronger student-staff relationships. With a quick 3-question daily survey, students share real-time insights, building trust and connections. 

This easy-to-use app empowers educators to make informed decisions, identify those in need, and create an inclusive classroom where every voice matters. 

Harness the power of TapIn to transform education through meaningful connections and knowledge derived from data.

TapIn Connect
TapIn Connect
TapIn Connect

Insights that Drive Impact

Unveil patterns within student responses with TapIn’s perceptive insights. Educators gain the capacity to optimize engagement, meeting individual needs and cultivating a supportive environment that nurtures social and emotional well-being.

By pinpointing where caring connections are needed TapIn transforms education into a shared journey where meaningful connections support student growth and engagement.

Flourish Together

Join the TapIn movement and create an environment where students and staff flourish together.