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Great ideas start with a single bit of information

Today, 4 billion people on Earth do not have adequate access to the internet. This hinders the exchange of ideas and ground-breaking discoveries, and deepens inequalities across our communities.

Our network enables us to deliver affordable, reliable, secure high-speed 5G connectivity over satellite, on a global basis.

Access. Exchange. Knowledge

With our sustainable state-of-the-art technology, we can reach any community, no matter where it is, supporting the creation of local content and enabling sharing on a global basis.

Everything that we do is based on a deep commitment to those we serve, especially to our end-users, wherever they are.

We are guided by the promise of doing “our bit”, ensuring that all of us are connected. For life-changing ideas abound everywhere, waiting to be shared.

Powering Tomorrow: Connect with Mangata Networks

Pioneering the future of connectivity – seamless, secure, and always ahead