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New Partnership Addresses Washington's Food Bank Volunteer Crisis

Volunteerism declined dramatically during the pandemic, and the Puget Sound region has not yet seen it rebound.

This trend has serious implications for the state’s food banks, which are reporting a decline of 70%-80% in regular volunteers while seeing a significant increase in those in need.

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Hunger Relief Needs All Of Us. Volunteer Locally

In response to this concerning decline in volunteerism, a unique partnership has formed with the goal of boosting the number of people volunteering at local food banks.

Under the campaign “Back To Action,” Northwest Harvest, Safeway, Washington Food Coalition, Vault89 Strategies, the Seattle Seahawks, and KING 5 have banded together to support the vital work of food banks throughout the state of Washington by sponsoring a drive to bring volunteers back to help in this crucial effort.

Let's take action together!