Vault89 Logo

We are Visionaries. Collaborators. Leaders. Doers. Vault89.

Vault89 is the banner for three companies aiming to bring forth empathic solutions to complex problems.

Vault89 Ventures is an impact investment firm committed to shaping the future of social entrepreneurship. Vault89 Strategies is a consulting team dedicated to empowering and advancing the mission of private, public and nonprofit organizations. Vault89 Properties is a collection of carefully curated real estate projects that fuel our core business operations.

Collectively, we partner with those who want to make a sincere and positive impact in our communities.

The Story Behind the Brand

A “vault” is known as a secure structure for safeguarding valuable assets. Additionally, the curved architecture provides essential support and stability to everything around it. The number “89” represents our founder and his ambition to produce a genuine and positive impact in communities. By incorporating such thoughtful design into the brand, Vault89 architects aimed to convey a human, inclusive, and empathetic experience for all who step inside.

Our logo showcases uniquely shaped doorways forming a “V”. This “V” represents our unwavering dedication to creating access, opportunity, and a sense of belonging.

Look closely at the encompassing circle around the “V” in our logo. The narrow openings on both sides symbolize the intricate and delicate nature of our mission. Our work often involves navigating through tight spaces and challenges with precision and care, much like the art of threading a needle. These openings remind us of the soulful dedication required for the impactful work we undertake.

This inclusive design signifies our effort to embrace individuals, better understand our humanity, and uplift our communities.

Gratitude to Richard Sanderson, the visionary designer behind RS Creative Design, for crafting the captivating Vault89 brand. Your creative genius has given our identity life and resonance.